Hello World!

I’m not addicted to coffee. I’m simply in a committed relationship with it.

Today I wanted to remember how my love affair with coffee began ages ago. A some what blurry past to be honest. Peer pressure was involved too and how. Perhaps for that I should be thankful and only this one instance. The elite of my class in high school simply thought it would be a cool idea to have a casual meet up at the city’s hippest new spot Starbucks.Yes, back in those days when this brand was relatively new. That is where my love story began. We were star struck how something directly imported from the movies (and mostly movies based in New York) had somehow made its way in our small city and moreover to one of the most unpopular of crowded streets which gave away feels of Shibuya during peak rush hours . The place lacked easy parking space and had absolutely the not so wonderful views of crowed street crossings filled with a sea of bobbling heads who cared less about this very same coffee shop, yet drew coffee enthusiasts from all parts of the city as it was the very first branch. Curiosity was at its peak like it is for most imported franchises that open in my city.The excitement in the air, similar to a couple just entering the first few days of a new found relationship. I too was one of them, and though I honestly wasn’t exactly in awe of the company I was in, I agreed to be part of this coffee party so that I could simply say I was at Starbucks this weekend. Ah typical high school days.

So well, typical meet up at the coffee place. Couple of high school girls entering with their swag of those days and scrambling for seats to accommodate nearly a dozen of us. We were amazed with the ambience, the light jazz that played in the distance and the massive counter in front of us and of those in line who spoke fluent coffee. They spoke with such ease and flare, like poetry for the ears to me. They knew exactly what they wanted and how. From that day until now, every single time I find myself in one such queue, one scene always plays in my mind from a very favourite movie of mine, You’ve Got mail with the lovely Tom Hanks.

Tall! Decaf!Cappuccino!!

We were clueless and we didn’t want to show it, not even to each other of course. Though I bet in our minds we did ask ourselves why does a simple comforting drink of coffee come with so many questions in the first place. Safest bet was to go for what was written in bold letters and spelled out clearly to entice us all, Toffee Nut Latte which was the season’s newest offering. The cup sizes threw us another curve ball, until then we were used to the size we saw at local cafeterias and gas stations for a buck or two. And let’s not talk about the price which was at one point of time more than a movie ticket and almost my monthly allowance, which made me pass on the drinks. But who cares. We were at Starbucks. The drink was not my favourite. I hated the nutty flavour and the over sweetness of it. I managed to bag a sip from my best friend at the time who just very gently put it that it made no sense to be at Starbucks and not give it a shot.

Over the years, coffee has become a huge part of my life. Leaving high school and entering university and well then adulting, made routine so much different and coffee then became that one constant companion and I can say until this date, has been more faithful to me than all my relationships combined. And coffee doesn’t disappoint.

From being a late night companion, my go to migraine pill, to a confidante on low days, to a warm hug on cold winter nights, favourite airport accessory through transit terminals and even on some days our target destination for brisk walks, to favourite drink over heated up discussions, relationship counselling ,vacation plans that took off and even sometimes remain TDB, part of the table for family chit chats and sometimes 3AM walks to the vending point at the nearby gas station and how could I forget, car companion on long late night drives. Coffee has been such an integral part of my life.

Keeping that in mind, we decided to launch a new platform to talk about some of our favourite things, our thoughts and interests and all over a lot of coffee, putting a different spin on things through this very different time where nothing is constant except to that life saving liquid that smells like fresh ground heaven in a mug. Perhaps for us, and many of you coffee is keeping us going through 2020.

So lets get talking soon. Looking forward to many warm conversations wherever you are.

3 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. Hey 👋🏼
    I enjoyed reading this. It took me back to my days in Starbucks, where I worked for 10.5 years.
    I built a strong career but also a strong education in coffee, real coffee. Here’s to your next espresso ….


  2. Hey 👋🏼
    I enjoyed reading this. It took me back to my days in Starbucks, where I worked for 10.5 years.
    I built a strong career but also a strong education in coffee, real coffee. Here’s to your next espresso ….

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