Movies at Home

If you were born in the early eighties, you would understand the excitement. Movies at home meant cozy nights spent around the idiot box, dinner and chores completed earlier than usual and in full cooperation, past curfew time in pyjamas and blankets, with only TV rays illuminating the room, to watch a Hollywood or Bollywood … Continue reading Movies at Home


It Begins with Us…

"I dedicate the success of this day to my darling husband, without whose support, none of what you may have witnessed today would have possible!" The speaker was an old school friend of mine, a new mother who was celebrating the Indian Christening ceremony or Hindu Naming over a Zoom video among other friends, colleagues … Continue reading It Begins with Us…

Judging the Types

A chance encounter with the infamous or famous (whichever you are inclined to resonate) Myers Briggs Personality Test, some years ago turned me into woman beset upon knowing each one's type. I was known for jumping to conclusions immediately after a casual conversation, and if you were an unfortunate close acquaintance, you would be fiendishly … Continue reading Judging the Types

Day Overrated

Happy Valentine's Day … Call me overbearingly pessimistic but I have never quite understood the hype that surrounds one of the biggest days of the year which happens to be just another day of the working week , just a bit more red and all sorts of fuzzy. Maybe it’s the singleness of my age … Continue reading Day Overrated